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I recently changed my blog from one blogging site to another – this one at

Due to a comment from my dearly beloved husband regarding the font of my blog title and headers, I have decided to return to blogger. 

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One Liners – Global Leadership Summit

I recently  had the privilege of attending Willow Creek’s Global Leadership Summit.  Every year our church sends our pastor and elders to this leadership conference.  For the first time, the wives of the elders were invited to join them.  I have never attended a conference such as this one.  For two entire days, I had the honour to sit and listen to some of North America’s most well-known leaders both in the business world as well as in the church world.  Men and women like Bill Hybels, Wess Stafford, Michelle Rhee, Dr. Henry Cloud, the Honourable Cory Booker, Mama Maggie Goloran, and Seth Godin.  We listened to topics ranging from art to poverty, from educational issues to city problems, from learning the characteristics of an evil, foolish or wise man to having audacious faith.

The things I learned in those two days have remained in my mind and continued to percolate.  There were many profound one-liners that I wrote down.  I have already used many of them in conversation.  I’d like to share a few with you.

Bill Hybels:  “When leaders stop learning, leaders should stop leading”.

Len Schlesinger:  “Stop worrying about what you want to do, and start worrying about what you want to do next.”

and, “Failure doesn’t mean “game over” it means trying again with more experience”.

Seth Godin:  “If failure isn’t an option, than neither is success.”

and, “Just because the tide is out, doesn’t mean there is less water in the ocean.”

Steven Furtick:  (and btw this guy was hands down my absolute favourite speaker!…except for his outfit…which I think he borrowed from his wife)  “If your vision isn’t intimidating to you then it’s likely to be insulting to God”.

and, “We compare our behind the scenes with everyone else’s highlight reels.”  Isn’t this so very true?

Patrick Lencioni (this guy was the funniest!! ):  “People need to be reminded more than they need to be instructed”.

and this one was directed at the woman who unintentionally and accidentally but completely noticeabley farts in public but then totally denies it was her:   “If you are looking to build your reputation of awesomeness, then ask someone to pull your finger”.  I think we repeated this one to each other 5 or 6 times in the first hour after the session was out.

Have you ever attended Global Leadership Summit?  Who was your favourite speaker?

Truth Book

The voice in my head tells me I can’t move forward to where I’m supposed to go.

Too few words.

Such scattered thoughts.

Ideas too random.

The walls of my mind are papered with these words.

And yet I know the Truth.

I have recognized these as lies.

I open my notebook.

I read my verses.

Verses chosen to speak Truth to the lies.

Thoughts that can now be surrendered to the knowledge of Christ.

Who am I in Christ?

What has He so lovingly done for me?

Given me life so that I can be free.

Free to live a life in perfect peace.

I have only to ask.

The gift of His Word.

A book so full of His Promises.

A promise in 2 Peter reminds me of His divine power which has given me everything I need for life (1:3).

A picture is painted for me from Zephaniah (3:17) that God is with me and He will quiet me [my fears] with His love.

My Truth verses silence the lies.

They encourage me to find my strength in Him alone.
I will move forward.

And He will do amazing things among me (Josh. 3:5).

Side bar:  I made “truth books” for the ladies in my church bible study.  I have a few left.  If you would like your own truth book to fill with promises and truths that speak to your lies, then please leave me a comment here or send me an email.  I would be happy to bless you with one too!

Why is it so hard?

Why is it is so hard to pray?
When I know that I need the filling of the Holy Spirit
each day to give me strength.
Gve me strength to walk with integrity.
Love my children with out yelling.
Strength to think thru dififcult situations
and make decisions which affect our future.
I have time to drink a second cup of coffee.
Pull out the vacuum cleaner
to suck up the playdough before it gets into the carpet.
TIme to call a friend,
eat a piece of chocolate,
buy a new top.
But not time to pray.
When I know that He fillls me with peace
A peace I cannot buy at the store,
bake in the oven,
Hear from another.
He empowers me to love the ugly,
instruct my children,
go where it’s unknown.
Sustain me.
Why is it so hard to pray?
Give me an undivided heart, O Lord.
That I may seek Your Face each day.

Sun, sand, and a bear horn or two.

We have just returned from camping at our
very favourite campground – Killbear Provincial Park.
Located in Near North Ontario on Georgian Bay.

We enjoyed a beautiful week of weather and family fun.

We cliff jumped.

We read.
We journaled.
Some of us searched for….
and caught tadpoles and frogs.
While others slept….
and I looked for new things to photograph. 
Some posed for pictures….

…while others were caught unaware.

Tim went fishing with the girls.
And they were all smiles because the fish were biting that day.
We ate the caught fish.
…and octo-dogs….
…and s’mores…
….and grilled cheese sandwiches…
And I drank a.lot. of coffee.
Tim had the privilege of fishing with his friends.
And a bear decided to visit our site on the first night…
…so our fellow camping friend bought
himself and us some bear horns.
I tried to capture our Christmas picture.
…while Emily captured caterpillars…
…and frogs.
Little ones…
….and big ones…
I think Hannah’s smile perfectly depicts
how our week made us feel.
Perfectly rested.
Perfectly happy.

How was my day?

Um…not so good as far as making healthy eating choices go.
 It was my Oma’s birthday today.
  Tradition dictates that we visit her on her birthday.
  So we did.  At 10:30 a.m. 
And tradition also dictates
that she makes her own birthday cake. 
 Usually a 6 inch high torte with fresh raspberries. 
Well Oma walked away from tradition this year
 and made TWO birthday cakes. 
 One chocolate with buttercream chocolate icing.
. And one raspberry, blueberry, strawberry torte with whip cream. 
Which one did I eat?  You may ask. 
Both of them.
That’s right.
One piece of each. 
 Two pieces of cake…at 10:30 a.m.
And not tiny little slivers either.
 Generous pieces of cake.
And I didn’t say “hold the whip cream please”.
 I said “Bring. It. On”.
So how was my day?
Not so good.
How was your day?

It really DOES get easier

The girlies have been very busy today.
Busy working on a project.
A project they thought up all on their own.
They stayed in the basement for hours upon hours.
Quietly working.
Working together.
No fighting.
No crying.
No whining.
Only asking me for help to knot their thread.
While they worked on their project
I worked on my projects.
Some work needing to be done from home.
A little bit of this
and a little bit of that.
And at the end of these many hours
they showcased their work.
Barbie Sock Fashions.
This one is on the risque side of short…wouldn’t you say?
But look at the ribboned shoulder.

Hannah’s grandma taught her how to hand stitch.
She put her skill to use hand stitching these pants
and halter top.

Check out the sweet heart neckline on this one
and the hemline on her skirt!
Emily made it all by herself.
My 5 year old scissor genius.

And we’ll start taking orders…….